Lesson: Learn about Knee Anatomy with Zlatan Ibrahimović

Examine one of the most complex joints in the human body and find out why knee injuries are so serious for footballers.

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The great Swedish international footballer, Zlatan Ibrahimović, is renowned for his powerful physique, outstanding skills and amazing athleticism.

But his career has not been without injuries. In 2017, while playing for Manchester United, Zlatan suffered a serious knee injury, which put him out of the game for over six months.

Discover the complex and vulnerable anatomy of the knee in our video!

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Test: Knee Anatomy

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Zlatan Ibrahimović

Zlatan Ibrahimović was born in October 1981. He is a Swedish professional footballer who currently plays for Italian club A.C. Milan. A prolific goalscorer throughout his career, he is widely regarded as one of the best strikers of his generation. He has won 31 trophies in his career and scored over 540 career goals.

Zlatan has played for Malmo FF, Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United and LA Galaxy before returning to Italy to play for A.C. Milan.

Particularly noted for his technique and athleticism, he has scored many spectacular goals in his career and is seen as one of the game’s great entertainers.

The Knee

The knee is one of the largest and most complex joints in the body. It joins the thigh bone (femur) to the shin bone (tibia). The smaller bone (fibula) that runs alongside the tibia and the kneecap (patella) are the other bones that make the knee joint.

Two C-shaped pieces of cartilage called the medial and lateral menisci act as shock absorbers between the femur and tibia.

Several tendons connect the knee bones to the leg muscles that move the knee joint.

Four ligaments join the knee bones and provide stability to the knee. The anterior cruciate ligament prevents the femur from sliding backward on the tibia (or the tibia sliding forward on the femur). The posterior cruciate ligament prevents the femur from sliding forward on the tibia (or the tibia from sliding backward on the femur). The medial and lateral collateral ligaments prevent the femur from sliding side to side.

Damage or rupture to the anterior cruciate ligament, often called an ACL is one of the most common knee injuries, especially for those exercising or playing sport. It takes most of the strain when the knee is twisted strenuously. It is a particularly frequent injury among footballers. responsible for a large part of the knee’s stability. An ACL rupture usually needs surgical repair.

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