Quiz: How much do you know about Mo Salah’s native Egypt?

Test your knowledge on the Land of the Pyramids with the Egyptian King!

Test your knowledge of Egypt with Liverpool's Mohamed Salah

Liverpool football sensation, Mohamed Salah, was born in Nagrig, a village near the city of Basyoun in Egypt. Salah started his senior career with Egyptian club El Mokaawloon and has since helped the his national team reach the final of the 2017 African Cup of Nations.

Despite his international fame and success, Salah has not forgotten his roots and remains an immensely proud Egyptian. No wonder his fans call him the “Egyptian King”!

How well do you know the history of Mohamed’s homeland? Take the Quiz and find out!

  • Question of

    What is the capital of Egypt?

    • Cairo
    • Alexandria
    • Luxor
  • Question of

    Who were the Pharaohs?

    • Rulers of Ancient Egypt
    • Gods of War
    • Statues guarding the Pyramids
  • Question of

    What is the longest river in Africa?

    • Nile
    • Limpopo
    • Congo
  • Question of

    Which formal writing system was used in Ancient Egypt?

    • Brahmi script
    • Hieroglyphs
    • Aramaic alphabet

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