Quiz: Are you smarter than Frank Lampard?

Test your knowledge of History and Latin to find out!

Are you smarter than Chelsea's Frank Lampard?

Chelsea football legend, Frank Lampard, has a reputation as a very clever man. His IQ has been tested at 150, almost genius level, and he got 12 GCSEs at A or A*, including Latin and History!

“Nobody expects a footballer to have any kind of an IQ, which is a bit of an unfair stereotype,” Lampard once said.

Could you learn a thing or two from Frank? Take the Quiz and find out!

  • Question of

    Which city was Rome’s first capital in Britain?

    • London
    • Colchester
    • St Albans
  • Question of

    What does “aqua” mean in Latin?

    • Lake
    • Water
    • Short for “aqueduct”
  • Question of

    Who were the Gladiators?

    • Foot soldiers in the Roman army
    • Armed combatant who entertained Roman audiences
    • High ranking commanders in the Roman army
  • Question of

    Where is the Colosseum located?

    • Venice
    • Rome
    • Milan

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