Our collection of engaging educational videos helps you learn school subjects through the Beautiful Game of Football.

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Beautiful Education is a fun way to learn new things online. Featuring the world’s greatest football players, our curriculum-aligned video lessons introduce subjects such as Physics, History and Art through an exciting link to the #beautifulgame. Students can earn points and win prizes for completing lessons!

Beautiful Education - Learning through the Beautiful Game of Football

How This Works

This website offers a growing library of lessons created by educational experts to reflect the best practices of Cambridge University’s International GCSE courses. Our users can explore a wide range of subjects with the help of famous football players and managers.


Our lessons are grouped into subjects, such as Mathematics, Geography, Biology, and Art & Design. View subjects


Each lesson contains an educational Video accompanied by a Test and extensive Revision Notes. View lessons


Our videos feature some of the world's greatest footballers like Ronaldo, Messi, Salah and others. View players


Test your football trivia knowledge and discover fascinating facts about the game's legends! View quizzes

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Learn a wide range of subjects with the help of your favourite football players. After watching the videos, you can test your knowledge by answering a few simple questions.

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Learning should be rewarding, which is why registered users get points for each lesson they take! You also earn fun badges for completing lessons, subjects, and even for simply creating your free profile.

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Each month, the user with the highest point score will be awarded our “World Champion” badge and a special prize! When multiple players have the same points total, the winner will be decided by a draw.

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Our Team

Stewart Binns

A former academic and schoolteacher, Stewart is a BAFTA-winning documentary maker and best-selling author. He is an avid sports fan and football fanatic. His work includes, in both books and films, history, sport and biography.

Lars Sternmarker

Following a distinguished 20 years executive management career with Mark McCormack and IMG’s Scandinavian and Global Operations, Lars is passionate about the synergy between Sports, New Media and digital learning.

Lucy Binns

Lucy has extensive experience in media, sports and education. She works with Arsenal Football Development and previously with Manchester United Soccer Schools. As a mother of two boys she is well aware of the power of football to inspire young people.

Bridget Robertson

Highly experienced in international marketing and media content distribution, Bridget has a keen interest in digital technologies and how they can educate children. She has a Masters degree in Education and Technology.

Konstantin Yelin

A Cambridge-educated historian and a digital consultant, Konstantin loved playing football at school and has been following the game since. He is responsible for Beautiful Education's digital strategy.

Daniel Tulloch

A lifelong Fulham FC fan, Dan is the lead developer behind the Beautiful Education website. He looks after all aspects of our online presence to make sure our users get the best possible experience.

We're Just Getting Started​

Beautiful Education‘s aim is to make learning engaging and stimulating. We believe that education can be a memorable experience and create moments of magic that will have a profound impact on students.

Here is what we have planned for 2023-2024:

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Video lessons
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